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Customer Service

Customer Service is very important to Top Class Concrete, and we stand behind all our workmanship and offer outstanding service till the customer is completely happy!

Customer Focussed

Customer Focus is a high priority, and we ensure the utmost respect to the job at hand and stand behind all our workmanship till the customer is completely satisfied!

Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction is our Number 1 Goal, and we stand behind all our workmanship and offer outstanding service till the customer is completely satisfied!

What Services Do We Offer?

Concrete Cutting, Staining & Decorative Grinding

Decorative Grinding has become increasingly popular over the last decade and is showing no signs of slowing. The finished look is a combination of sophistication and style. The concrete is ground until the desired look is achieved, it is then cleaned and sealed to protect it and give it either a glossy, semi gloss or low sheen finish. 

Interior & Exterior Sealing

Concrete Sealers provide a brighter more enhanced colour to your coloured concrete and an improved resistance to weather, water, stains, and abrasives. Sealers also offer resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures and petroleum as well as making cleaning easier. Concrete sealing maybe applied to concrete for a number of reasons, such as protection, water proofing, hygiene and enhancement of the colour. With our specialists in the industry we are proud to offer concrete sealing expertise for you to utilise. When you’re looking to achieve a top end finish look working with sealer will help you obtain such looks. Our concrete sealing service use products that have been developed to be used in extreme conditions. Whilst offering high quality finish it also offers a durable coating for maximum performance. Sealers reduce the risk of staining and marking of concrete floors or walls. Sealing not only allows the maintenance of concrete to be a much easier task, as the protection it provides but also reduces the long term costs as well.

Concrete Grinding

Our experts always aim to separate themselves from the industry by providing unremarkable workmanship on all concrete grinding nz. As concrete grinding may involve many different floor types for example interior floors, driveways, pool surrounding and many other different areas could utilise our specialists. As concrete is a long lasting composite material that has been used for years not only because of the low costs but its value it adds to the property but the low maintenance concrete comes with. Here at Top Class Concrete we are able to design unique features or accommodate for future looks and we are happy to work with your designs. Our concrete grinding nz service is available for you to utilise, all you have to do is either give us a call or fill in the enquiry form.

Concrete Polishing

With the finishing touch most retail, restaurants, show room floors, educational facilities and more are using. Concrete polishing nz is not only used to protect the floor but to enhance the aesthetes of the room. Whether you’re looking to remedial the floor or maintaining the current floor. We have the experts in the industry that will be able to help achieve the highly reflective surface look you aiming for. We utilise our resources in order to be able to provide services with modern technology that helps us achieve the precise look you want to achieve. With a wide arrange of customised looks you can get when polishing concrete such as, customising your floor to reflect a specific design, logos, colours, score cutting, dyes, and more. If you’re looking for concrete polishing nz you have come to the right place all you have to do now is either call us or make an enquiry on our contact us page.

Acid Etching & Washing

Acid washing is a process used on concrete in preparation for Sealing. The acid helps to remove stains that are left on the concrete and also helps towards the colour consistency of the concrete.

Plus Many More Services

We also offer Grouting, Overlay and all types of Remedial Work

374374_556342357726161_1956423554_nTop Class Concrete specialises in Decorative Concrete finishes, as coloured concrete is becoming more and more fashionable we can help you maintain that great appearance it will create. We   Have the knowledge on how to give you that wow factor for your place, concrete is no longer that boring dull thing on the ground you walk or drive on. It is becoming increasingly more popular to live on it as well. Ground and polished or just polished or sealed, turn it into the paver look, we can do it all.

We currently service the entire Hamilton and Waikato Areas, but are open to discuss all  other options.

We currently use products from leading branded decorative concrete suppliers such as Newlook international, Peter fell ltd, Permacolour and Resene. This allows us to offer a range of finishes that suits the varying needs of our clients. We have a fantastic reputation and are used by some of the top Waikato concrete placers, builder and landscapers.

Come join the growing number of satisfied customers wether you are putting in new concrete or just want to give your old concrete a new look we can help. All you need to do is Contact us.