Acid Etching

We specialize in acid etching

Acid Etching is a process used to profile the concrete in preparation for Sealing or just to create a non slip surface. The acid helps to remove some of the stains that are left on the concrete and also helps towards the colour consistency of the concrete. It Burns off the top 1mm as to have the fine sands and aggregate exposed. It cleans and opens the surface so a sealer can be applied. We take the utmost care when performing an Acid Etch at your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Different Types or Levels of Acid Washing?

Yes, there are 3 different levels of Acid Washing. A light Acid Wash is just enough to lightly clean the surface and open the concrete enough to apply Sealer. A medium Acid Wash is just enough to expose some of the fine sands in the concrete. A hard Acid Wash or Etch creates full exposure of the sand content in the concrete. This hard wash is good for non-slip purposes or for a 'burnt' look to coloured decorative concrete.