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Acid washing / etching is a process used on concrete in preparation for Sealing or just to create a non-slip surface. It burns off the top 1mm to have the fine sands and aggregate exposed. The acid helps to remove some stains that are left on the concrete and helps with the colour consistency of the concrete. It cleans and opens the surface so a sealer can be applied.

We take the utmost care when performing Acid washing / etching at your property.


Control joints are planned for cracks which allow for movements caused by temperature changes and drying shrinkage. In other words, if the concrete does crack, you want to have an active role in deciding where it will crack and that it will crack in a straight line instead of randomly. We space joints properly, no more than 25-40 times the slab thickness. A 100mm slab should have joints 2.5-4.0m apart. We cut joints 30% of the depth of the slab. A 100mm thick slab should have expansion cuts at least 30mm deep. We cut expansion joints as soon as the concrete is hard enough that the edges abutting the cut dont chip from the saw blade. In hot weather, concrete might crack if joints are not cut within 6-12 hours after finishing concrete. When we cut house floors we place joints under walls or under carpet areas. Under walls they wont be seen.

Note: Inside corners, where cracks would typically occur, have correctly placed joints.

Top Class Concrete Treatments has all the right equipment and expertise to get it right, and leave you with the peace of mind of knowing your concrete has been prepared, laid and maintained by trained professionals.


Grouting is done to fill the 10mm decorative cutting that we do to achieve a flagstone paver look at a fraction of the price. We use a specifically designed tool that compresses the grout into the cuts, leaving a consistent, smooth finish. 

Grouting is the best look for your cut concrete and prevents the cuts from filling with dirt and weeds. We use the correct Concrete Construction Grout to insure your job is completed to a high standard.

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