Exterior Concrete Sealing

We specialize in Exterior Concrete Sealing

There are many types of Sealers on the market today. We use only top quality sealers from companies like PETER FELL Ltd or PERMACOLOUR to give you a choice of finishes. Wet look gloss sealers provide a brighter more enhanced colour to your coloured concrete, The satin or natural look sealers will give you a slightly softer look and or a natural look. All Concrete Sealers give improved resistance to weather, water, stains, and abrasives. Sealers also offer resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures and petroleum as well as making cleaning easier.

Prior to applying any sealing products, the concrete must have the surface clean from oil, grease, dust, dirt, or any other foreign matter. Acid washing or Etching opens up the surface of the concrete, so the first coat of sealer will be absorbed into the concrete. This will provide a good bond. A Non slip grit can be added during the first coat application, then the second coat is applied to lock in the grit and give a more even finish.

Top Class Concrete provides all exterior sealing with at least 2 coats of sealer and all non slip for your safety.

Cleaning and sealing your coloured concrete should be done on a regular basis just like any other home maintenance. How often you need to clean it will depend on the amount of traffic. This includes cars, foot traffic, water, and any chemicals the concrete is exposed to.

With good maintenance you will have beautiful coloured concrete that looks good years after it was poured.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after my concrete has been sealed, can I walk and drive on it?

You will be able to walk on the sealed area between 1 & 3 hours after the final coat of sealer has been applied. Vehicles must be kept off the sealed area for 5 days.

Is sealed concrete slippery?

When wet, yes sealed concrete can be slippery, however, we seal concrete with a clear silicone sand that ensures a non-slip finish.

When should my concrete be re-sealed?

To keep your concrete looking at it's best it should be re-sealed every 2-3 years. We provide this service and will send you a reminder letter when your concrete is due to be re-sealed.

Why is my coloured concrete inconsistent (Patchy)?

Patchiness is most likely the drying of concrete. However concrete is a natural product and will always have different variations of your chosen colour. If you are looking for a consistent colour to your concrete, there are concrete paints available that will give you the desired finish.