We specialize in Grouting

Grouting is done to fill the 10mm Decorative Cutting that we do to achieve a flagstone paver look at a fraction of the price. We use a specifically designed tool that compresses the grout into the cuts, leaving a consistent, smooth finish.

Grouting is the best look for your cut concrete and prevents the cuts from filling with dirt and weeds. We use the correct Concrete Construction Grout, to insure your job is completed to a high standard. We also do joint sealing which is a flexible form of Grouting, mainly used on tilt panels or on industrial floors. It also adds a tidy finish in Expansion Cuts on Ground and Sealed floors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the grout colour?

A large percentage of the grouting work that we undertake is done using standard grey grout. If you would like your grout to be darker, we will happily do this for you. We do not recommend attempting to match the colour of your grout with the colour of your concrete.

Will my grout crack?

Concrete always moves (expands and contracts) so yes it will crack in the Grouted Expansion Cuts. However, it is usually a crack straight along one edge of the Grout line. On rare occasions it may chip or crack on both sides and fall out, if this happens, we will be happy to repair this for you. Alternatively we can Grout all cuts with a flexible Grout. Please contact us for more details.