Interior Sealing

We specialize in Interior Sealing

Concrete is a great solution for all types of flooring including interior floors; it's easy to maintain and looks modern. To ensure maintenance is easy it's important to seal your concrete surfaces. Without seal the concrete will hold a lot of dust on its surface and will be difficult to maintain. Sealing the concrete surface is best done when the job is first undertaken. We use all kinds of sealer to fit your needs. Including Peter Full Epoxy, Perma Colour 2 Pot seals and Resene Concrete sealers.

Top Class Concrete can take care of all your interior sealing needs. If you have a job you would like to discuss or have further questions please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the level of Gloss?

Yes you can. Sealer comes in low sheen, semi gloss and high gloss.

At what stage of the building process does the concrete sealing start?

It is recommended that the Sealing takes place toward the end of the build as much as possible so that no damage is done to the finished product. It is preferred that the kitchen be placed once the Sealing process has finished – with out scratching the floor.

How long does the sealing process take and when can I walk on the sealed area?

On Ground concrete we use 3 coats of Sealer and each coat is done 24 hours apart. On a coloured concrete floor we use 2 coats of Sealer and each coat is done 24 hours apart. There is to be no foot traffic for 5 days and full strength for 28 days (heavy furniture). However, if you would like to have a High Gloss finish, a different Sealer can be used that is 2 coats with 8 hours between each coat and foot traffic can begin just 12 hours after the final Seal and with full strength after 48 hours.

Is sealed concrete slippery?

When wet, yes sealed concrete can be slippery, although it is no more slippery than tiles or vinyl.