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Concrete resurfacing is an increasingly popular trend, it is a quick and cost effective way to improve the look of your concrete or other porous substrate.

At Top Class Concrete Treatments we believe any concrete can be totally rejuvenated. We use a number of concrete resurfacing products to give your concrete a special look, pattern, colour or texture. 

Resurfacing products are also a good option for covering old concrete which may be cracked or chipped, giving it a new decorative look and finish. A solid colour will also change the colour of your coloured concrete if you want to update it or if it has dried uneven.

We are very careful about the products we select and use, making sure they provide a quality, long lasting look and durable finish. 

We are certified installers for the following companies that have meet our standards and quality assurances.

Concrete Sealing - Exterior

There are many types of sealers on the market today. We use only top-quality sealers from the companies we are certified installers to give you a choice of finishes. There are two main groups of sealers, solvent and water-based. Solvent based sealers give your concrete a darker finish or a wet look where the water-based sealers are softer and give you a satin or natural look. All concrete sealers give improved resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures and oils as well as making cleaning easier.

Before Treatment

During Treatment

After Treatment

Prior to applying any sealing products, the concrete must have the surface clean from oil, grease, dust, dirt, or any other foreign matter. This is achieved by either acid washing, or etching opens up the surface of the concrete, so the first coat of sealer will be absorbed into the concrete. This will provide a good bond. A non-slip grit is added to the second coat application in most cases.

Top Class Concrete Treatments provides all exterior sealing with at least 2 coats of sealer and all non- slip for your safety.

Concrete Sealing - Interior

Concrete is a great solution for all types of flooring including interior floors; its easy to maintain and looks modern. To ensure maintenance is easy it's important to seal your concrete surfaces.

Without seal the concrete will hold a lot of dust on its surface and will be difficult to maintain. We use a range of sealer products to fit your needs. The Process is very similar to exterior sealing although no grit is added to the second coat to allow for a flatter finished floor.

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