What Services Do Top Class Concrete Treatments Offer?

Top Class Concrete Treatments specialise in all areas of decorative concrete finishing and quality custom finishes, turning that ugly concrete to lovely concrete and getting the look you've always dreamed of! We work on both commercial and residential projects, where no job is too big or too small. Our quality custom concrete work includes:

Concrete Treatments

Acid washing / etching

Acid washing is a process used on concrete in preparation for sealing. It cleans and opens the surface so that a sealer can be applied. Acid helps remove dirt from the surface of the concrete and can benefit the colour consistency.

Exterior Decorative grinding/Sealing

Polished concrete is a high gloss, attractive flooring, with strength and durability. It is easy to maintain, stain resistant and provides a beautiful finish in your property. 

Interior concrete Grinding/Polishing

Concrete is a great solution for all types of flooring including interior floors; its easy to maintain and looks modern. To ensure maintenance is easy it's important to seal your concrete surfaces.

Exterior concrete sealing

Concrete sealers ensure your concrete lasts longer and is easier to maintain. There are two main groups of sealers, solvent and water-based. Solvent based sealers give your concrete a darker finish or a wet look where the water-based sealers are softer and give you a satin or natural look. All concrete sealers give improved resistance to rain, sun, freezing temperatures and oils as well as making cleaning easier.


Concrete is a strong building material that typically requires little or no maintenance. In saying this, there are times when repairs are needed. Remedial work can include, but not limited to; floor leveling, creating falls, rain damage repair, panel repair and crack repair.

Cleaning and sealing coloured concrete should be done on a regular basis just like any other home maintenance.

Soft Washing

At Top Class Concrete Treatments, one of the services we offer is soft washing of your home, or your concrete. This is great for removing mould or dirt from driveways and patios, or giving the exterior of your home a deep clean and fresh feel.

Planning a project or want to discuss different concrete treatment options?


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